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Street Naming and Numbering

LBCP's Street Naming and Numbering service is carried out on behalf of Blaby District, Melton Borough and Oadby And Wigston Borough. If you live in Hinckley and Bosworth Borough, Rutland County or Harborough District, this service is handled by your local authority. Find out more on the authority's websites linked below. 

The correct addressing of a property is important. Postal and emergency services, as well as many organisations and the public, need an efficient means of locating and referencing properties.

In the process of naming new streets, certain guidelines must be followed and care must be taken to avoid duplication of the linking of names already in use. You can find these guidelines in our Downloads panel below. 

Please do not give your address out until you receive confirmation from us and Royal Mail that changes or additions have been approved. 

Please Note: We no longer formalise adding a name to a property which already has a number, but you can add a plaque to your property with the property name as long as the name is not offensive.

Last updated 2 April 2024